Solé Water™…..Enlightenment in a bottle!

Enlightenment in a bottle!

Solé Water™…..Enlightenment in a bottle!

Solé Water……is not ‘just water.’ It is filled with energy, nutrient rich, an electrolyte tonic, immediate hydration on a cellular level and totally pure. Solé Water is revitalized with pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, being the only substance on earth containing 84 trace elements vital to our nourishment. Solé Water is also importantly free from negative memory. It is an enhanced and UNIQUE ready to drink ancient recipe, giving you a life force product as nature intended 100’s of years ago – enlightenment in a bottle!!
“No matter what the question or the problem is, the answer is always love. Love is not just a sentimental emotion. It is an unfathomable power that, when truly acknowledged and understood, will transform our lives into expressions of love, abundance, health, happiness, abounding joy and spiritual enlightenment.” Head office: 011 056 8746. Email or

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