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A Touch of Love and a Dash of Joy …. Your Instant Energy Elixir!

Did you know that Solé Water™ is the only 8-stage water produced IN THE WORLD? Sole Water is also the only mega electrolyte water of its’ kind? It’s no wonder Sole Water is totally Unique and carries the Trademarked™ slogan “Water that Revives, Restores, Renews. ™” Sole Water has also become the leading specialist in personalised branded water – which will lead you to our very thorough and exciting website High quality and professional labels will be designed complimentary until you are happy to go to print. Sole Water is situated in Gauteng and available nationwide. Our offices are in Chartwell and we will gladly deliver for you at 8 or more cases at wholesale price! Sole Water will give you an instant boost of energy and is a complete hangover prevention. After alcohol consumption and before retiring, drink one 500ml bottle of Sole Water and you will not have the usual dehydrated headache the following morning – GUARANTEED – Test trials, friends and colleagues ha ha! Sole Water as far as we know, is the only water to be sent to an outside laboratory for strict monthly testing on our purity. Available on request. Please contact or call 011 056 8747 or 079 011 8746 - Yours in Pure Water, Robyn.

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Solé Water™…..Enlightenment in a bottle!

Solé Water……is not ‘just water.’ It is filled with energy, nutrient rich, an electrolyte tonic, immediate hydration on a cellular level and totally pure. Solé Water is revitalized with pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, being the only substance on earth containing 84 trace elements vital to our nourishment. Solé Water is also importantly free from negative memory. It is an enhanced and UNIQUE ready to drink ancient recipe, giving you a life force product as nature intended 100’s of years ago – enlightenment in a bottle!! “No matter what the question or the problem is, the answer is always love. Love is not just a sentimental emotion. It is an unfathomable power that, when truly acknowledged and understood, will transform our lives into expressions of love, abundance, health, happiness, abounding joy and spiritual enlightenment.” Head office: 011 056 8746. Email or

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Contaminated Bottled Water a Massive Reality!!!

Contaminated Bottled Water a Massive Reality!!! Bottled water such as this blog video is a massive reality that Solé Water™ has been looking into and testing for years now. Solé Water has tested every single bottled water brand in the Market place. We send all our water to an independent laboratory There is a VERY important test called TMA – TOTAL MICROBIAL ACTIVITY. The world health organisation have stated universally that all bottled water has a limit of 0-100 TMA and 0-5000 In tap water. A high TMA count carries the most awful and harmful microbes that are detrimental to the body. To state firstly, Solé Water is 90% of the time a zero count. From time to time depending on the underground water we have experienced a count as low as 30 which is considered outstanding even to the laboratory technicians. Solé Water is the only water to commit to strict monthly testing and available to all public on request. The test results will also include 4 other important test results. To diverse quickly, to drink any water that is under a PH 7 is harmful and acidic to the body. You are unable to fight disease and have an alkaline body without an alkaline bloodstream and your 85% of water, your body is made up of. So, in other words, if you take vitamins and eat lots of alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits, your body will still not be alkaline if you are drinking a low PH water. A water below PH 7 is considered acidic and battery acid water used in cars. Solé Water has a PH of approximately PH 7.8. Most bottled waters’ Solé Water has tested including all leading brands, have a Total Microbial Count of a minimum or 3.000 up to 28.000. This is most disturbing considering that the maximum level in bottled water is TMA 100 !!! We have found one water whose TMA is 90 and one popular bottled water at TMA 300. Dearest public, please send your water for testing; approximately R 400.00 per test. Or request test results directly from the Brand you are buying. If they don’t have test results, that already is an unprofessional red flag! Solé Water is the only water in the world to undergo an 8 stage process to bring you an instant boost of energy as the only Energised and Electrolyte water available We are based in Chartwell and will happily deliver for 8 or more cases at wholesale price. Please contact or or head office 011 056 8747, 079 011 8746. Yours in Pure Water, Robyn

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