A Touch of Love and a Dash of Joy …. Your Instant Energy Elixir!

A Touch of Love and a Dash of Joy …. Your Instant Energy Elixir!

Did you know that Solé Water™ is the only 8-stage water produced IN THE WORLD? Sole Water is also the only mega electrolyte water of its’ kind?
It’s no wonder Sole Water is totally Unique and carries the Trademarked™ slogan “Water that Revives, Restores, Renews. ™”
Sole Water has also become the leading specialist in personalised branded water – www.personalisedbrandedwater.co.za which will lead you to our very thorough and exciting website www.solewater.co.za. High quality and professional labels will be designed complimentary until you are happy to go to print. Sole Water is situated in Gauteng and available nationwide.
Our offices are in Chartwell and we will gladly deliver for you at 8 or more cases at wholesale price!
Sole Water will give you an instant boost of energy and is a complete hangover prevention. After alcohol consumption and before retiring, drink one 500ml bottle of Sole Water and you will not have the usual dehydrated headache the following morning – GUARANTEED – Test trials, friends and colleagues ha ha!
Sole Water as far as we know, is the only water to be sent to an outside laboratory for strict monthly testing on our purity. Available on request.
Please contact enquiries@solewater.co.za or call 011 056 8747 or 079 011 8746 – Yours in Pure Water,

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